limitationsDoes not support all diacritics

Does not support all diacritics for languages.  You are not able to use the following characters (to name a few, there could be more we are currently not aware of) in Infusionsoft as the system does not recognise them and makes a mess of your text: ü, ö, ä, è, ï, ì, ò, ø, ©, «, ù


limitationsE-Commerce is limited and lacking in several areas

Lack of functionality, lack of design options and lack of BASIC elements that are available in most e-shop (Whether you are based in Europe or USA). Here the key ones mentioned below.


Template designs are basic and lacking functions

E-Commerce template designs are basic.  They are lacking functions such as being able to add pages for contact us, about us, welcome message, refund policy, terms and conditions, shipping options, extra design boxes for linking to pages, extra banner space, site map etc.  You can add products and that is about it.



Html coding knowledge required

E-Commerce section is not general public user friendly, for the client that does not know “coding” and for someone who wishes to design their e-commerce section from the front end and not the back end. You are able to customise sections such as the header, footer, top of the checkout page, bottom of the checkout page and the product grid. However, you can only customise these sections with html code and entering code in a blank box.


Can ONLY show a default price in storefront

You can only show the price of your product in your storefront. You cannot show whether it is the gross or net price in the storefront and the tax rate. In some countries of the EU it is forbidden to show net prices in the B2C business. Should be able to choose which one to show and to also show tax rate on top of the price in the storefront. Should all be visible when viewing a product.


VAT IDs cannot be captured.

Companies need to be able to capture and verify VAT ID´s if they want to sell within the EU to other companies (B2B).  This is currently not possible.



Tax rate per country is limited for EU countries.

In some countries of the EU we have different tax rates for different products. Companies which have products in both categories need to define different tax rates for different products.  This is not possible as can only select one country tax.



Cannot have more than one language version of the e-shop.

For companies who are focusing on more than one language market, other e-commerce platforms allow you to have the option of multiple language versions so that the visitor to your e-shop can select which language version they prefer to use.   This is not possible.

Lack of a Payment Provider for EU countries.

We have encountered issues when trying to apply for a Merchant Account. The list of payment providers are mainly US based and have not even been tested by Infusionsoft themselves. The process can take a month or longer with endless emails, information, documents etc being asked from you everyday. We decided therefore to test all of them and to find the most convenient partner options to set up a merchant account. We have chosen 2 partners we are working with and also agreed to collaborate more efficiently with CreDeMa ICC clients.

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