CreDeMa-ICC is an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant and Partner on 4 continents and present in 10 countries. We aim to provide an easy, straightforward and hassle free learning experience to all aspects of Infusionsoft.  In order to achieve our goals of supporting different regions and countries we have developed our supporting products and services in 5 different languages.  Today we are able to offer language support in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Arab & Czech.  We continuously strive to develop our resources for other localisation demanding markets.

We at Credema ICC have been challenged for years to consult clients with the best available marketing and sales tools, whether offline or online.  Due to our frustrations and annoyance with offline marketing methods and being constantly overwhelmed by so many online solutions, we decided to search for a core tool that combines everything in one simple system.  In doing so, we have been able to ensure that our clients feel secure in knowing that their needs and goals are being managed effectively and sufficiently in one core system.

We have been converted to customers by the same technology that we are now consultants for.  In our opinion, Infusionsoft is an indispensable tool for any small business that is trying to manage sales and online marketing activities.

Any small business knows that the main killer for them is time.  Time to focus on all the admin, all the sales, all the marketing.  There are not enough hours in the day to physically manage everything, but employing people to do the “time consuming” tasks can be expensive if you are a small business and only just setting up.

We have created user guides, video tutorials, practice exercises or crash courses to enhance comfort and efficiency for our clients to learn and use a potentially life changing, and time saving tool.

In addition we take the factor time as a core focus to our overall motivation and also research, rewrite and offer access to an important collection of resource material from third parties and material developed by our in-house team.

Growth is a key target for any business activity and as a growing business, you need scalable, cohesive sales and marketing tools that work together to help you achieve your business goals. We are a company dedicated to supplying you with the best available web based software that eliminates the need for separate CRM, Marketing, Sales and E-Commerce systems by combining them all into one simple system. We not only supply you with the most effective and powerful automated software available to date, but we dedicate ourselves to providing our clients with the alternative training, support & services to ensure the best outcome and solutions for your businesses.

We, at Credema-ICC therefore support and believe in Infusionsoft, the all-in-one sales and marketing system. Infusionsoft serves more than 13,500 businesses and 50,000 users worldwide. We have a team of Marketing, Sales and Social Media Consultants, with various foreign language expertise at our disposal to meet our clients requirements.

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