rti95oe4nof1i95ub4p3Create a Secure, Password Protected Membership Site

Protect your content from the public and make it accessible only to subscribed members. Control the amount, and type of content that subscribers see based on their subscription level or purchased product.

rti95oe4nof1i95ub4p3Send Content Teasers

Show members “content teasers” for upcoming or additional content that is available to them via upgraded subscription packages or in different membership levels.

rti95oe4nof1i95ub4p3Integrate With Infusionsoft for Better Results

Enjoy an efficient, simple and non-technical integration process with Infusionsoft. You can register new members; manage passwords and control billing and permissions. Additionally you can create marketing campaigns and trigger automations.

rti95oe4nof1i95ub4p3Schedule Content Deliveries

Make it easy with Infusionsoft to automate the delivery of content to subscribers on a time-based or self-paced schedule. CustomerHub manages the content pages and Infusionsoft manages subscribers’ permissions and the content delivery schedule.

rti95oe4nof1i95ub4p3Easy Membership Site Creation and Management

Save time and energy by automating the functions of a membership site. These include functions such as: automatic redirection of non-members to a signup page, enrolment management, account access, deactivations, reactivations, billing and cancellations.

rti95oe4nof1i95ub4p3Customise the Site

Adapt your CustomerHub to match your website and brand. Create and personalise pages and reusable content snippets. Alter site colours, company logo, page header, layout, menu style, display order of page tabs and subpages.

rti95oe4nof1i95ub4p3Attract New Customers

Increase sales with free trials and upsell offers.

rti95oe4nof1i95ub4p3Robust Content Management

Upload and share a variety of multimedia content with thousands of subscribers at once. Items include: videos, audio files, images, and digital files like PDFs and documents.

rti95oe4nof1i95ub4p3Contribute To your Social Media Presence

Facebook integration tools allow you to: easily create a Facebook community for members to interact, stream events, attract new subscribers and enable members to “like” and share content.

rti95oe4nof1i95ub4p3Manage Your Finances

Customers have access to their billing related portal so they can manage their preferences. Collect failed payments and update expiring credit cards.


All from a friendly, intuitive system built for small businesses!

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