Our marketing team have taken the time to evaluate and test all aspects of GroSocial in order for us to ensure we provide you with all the necessary information; including what we think could be a limitation in the software.  We are delighted to report that our team have found very few limitations in this software and find GroSocial to be a powerful and easy to learn social media management tool where you can create, manage and analyse your Facebook and Twitter pages.

A few minor points that we consider to be a limitation are as follows:

limitationsNo ability to prepare schedule of posts

You are only able to post one post at a time. This is not too much of an issue if you are a sole client as you will not tend to post loads of messages in one day. However, for marketing agencies who look after several clients and accounts, it is very time consuming and uneffective to have to post one at a time.

Our Recommendation for future updates of GroSocial

suggestion_box_iconWe would like to see GroSocial add a function where users are able to upload posts in bulk or insert a schedule of posts in one go rather than having to individually add and set the schedule of each post. This would mean people can organise their social media marketing campaign more effectively and efficiently for months in advance.

Our Solution around this issue

If you require the function of bulk scheduling your posts, we would recommend combining Hootsuite with GroSocial.  Hootsuite allows you to schedule in bulk with a maximum of 350 scheduled messages across all social networks.  This is an excellent time saver allowing you to optimise your time more conveniently.  Please note that you are not able to customise your FB or Twitter accounts using Hootsuite.


limitationsCooperation as a team is not available

When managing a whole range of social media accounts and/or clients, a team of users are normally responsible for keeping everything up to date and not just one sole user. Currently you can only have one user per license to manage and access your GroSocial license. Sole users who are managing just their own social media accounts will therefore not be affected by this; however, for marketing agencies it is crucial to be able to have more than one user per license to manage all the updates.

Our Recommendation for future updates of GroSocial

suggestion_box_iconWe would like to see GroSocial add the option to have more than one user per license. Whether it is an option on purchase to have one user, five users, ten users etc per license, people should be able to choose which they require and select the appropriate license type according to their needs.

Our Solution around this issue

If you require access for more than one user, we also recommend Hootsuite as they offer 2 users in their PRO license for $9.99/month with unlimited social profiles and advanced message scheduling.  This would enable a marketing agency to have access to the account as well as the client.

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