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CRM1Complete Solution for Contacts management

Infusionsoft’s All-in-One Solution provides you with a full insight to your contact. Contact Info, Financial Transactions, Tasks & Appointment, Notes, Recent Email History, Tags, Follow-up Sequences, Campaigns, Opportunities, Orders, File Box, Merge Duplicates,  etc.

CRM1Segment Customers

With Infusionsoft, you can add tags or labels to contact records when they interact with you. Combine simple search criteria like company size or client location with these enhanced tags and you’ve got ultra-targeted marketing and sales capabilities.

Valuable Handset Tools for B2B

The CRM section provides you with a complete set of tools for B2B: Contact details, Show Subscriptions, View Invoices, Opportunities, Orders, Linked contacts, etc.

CRM1Manage Your Calendar and Tasks

Use Infusionsoft’s calendaring and task management tools to stay organized by tracking what needs to get done, who needs to do it and when it’s due. Create appointments and trigger reminders when important events are approaching.

CRM1Import and Manage Data

Easily get your data into Infusionsoft  from any contact management, CRM or CSV file or use our import wizards to import directly from AWeber, Constant Contact, iContact, 1ShoppingCart and Outlook. Once your data is moved over, we help you keep it clean with our duplicates management tool.

Track sales and fulfillment processes

From the time a lead begins working, until the deal closes, there is a series of processes that are available for you to use.

Enrol, equip, track, and reward your referral partners

A component that works hand-in-hand with the CRM and E-Commerce components to automatically track referrals and commissions.

CRM1Track visitors to your site

You are able to monitor the technical details about your visitors – Country, Os Installed, Screen Resolution, Browser used, Last visit and additional components installed such as Flash, Java, QuickTime, Silverlight, etc.  You can also track and understand the lead source of your visitors.

The Swiss Army Knife to knowing your Partners and Sales

6 Referral Partner Reports and 12 Sales Reports enable you to know detailed information about your Referral Partners and Sales.


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