crm-woldCRM is better known as “Customer Relationship Management” system. It is a widely implemented system that helps all businesses organise data and communicate more efficiently with customers, clients and sales prospects. It is the heart of all related marketing automation tools allowing you to efficiently process customer service and marketing and sales activities.  CRM promises faster customer service at lower costs, higher customer satisfaction, better customer retention and ultimately customer loyalty and more sales.

Infusionsoft’s Customer Relationship Management system improves the efficiency of your sales team by putting together all your contact information in one place, eliminating repetitive sales tasks and making it easy to find and convert hot leads. Combining robust marketing and e-commerce tools with their Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Infusionsoft will help you sell more by automating sales strategies and developing leads until they are ready to buy.



crmIncreased productivity and profits

The use of CRM automates most of the usual time-taking tasks, which means your sales people will have more time to do what they need to do to convince prospects to buy your products or services. This will in turn increase your sales and profit.


An entire team using the same CRM can share and update information efficiently and conveniently.  All areas and departments – from Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Accounting, the Switchboard, through to Management– use one standard, centralised CRM solution.

crmCost Effective

Deploying CRM in the early stages of your business can give you the best results with few small steps. You are able to install and use a CRM system immediately without having to invest your capital. This leads to better organised business processes and saves employees valuable work time, thereby reducing costs on the long term.


Cloud based CRM solutions do not get lost so all your data is safe, and even unexpected deletions may be traced and recuperated. With a CRM, information is stored automatically in a central database or in the CRM provider’s system. Infusionsoft backs up all entered data.

Simplified Goal-Setting

Infusionsoft’s CRM makes it easy to track performance by placing all the data together into one place. It can also bring all this information together into reports that help with forecasting. With this level of analysis available, it enables you to set the next period’s goals much easier.

crmMotivate your troops

Acceptance among employees and consistent focus on the customer are key to the successful deployment of a CRM system.  Those who use a software solution to keep up to date on their customers perform routine tasks more efficiently, make informed decisions, delegate tasks to specialists, have more fun at work and are more motivated. Customers can sense it and appreciate friendly, competent staff.

crmReveal your potential for development

Having knowledge on what the customers and the market want or need is essential for further improvement and development of products and services. Customer profiles provide the best source of information, whether in sales or customer service. Multidimensional analysis highlights correlations and is used to identify potential for further development. This will in turn increase the customer experience.

crmBetter forecasting through available data

Precise project planning, clear structures and up-to-date analysis based on all company data means that a CRM system provides you with an overview of on-going projects. Projects remain manageable and efficient throughout – from professionally planning resources, time and cost recording, through to controlling.

CRM connects to accounting

CRM connects to accounting and other back-office applications to join processes and remove double handling of tasks.


Email marketing actions are reported in CRM

These hot prospects can be passed to sales teams for further action.


CRM solutions enable sales and service groups to acquire customers, sell to accounts and resolve client service requests more efficiently. If coupled with effective sales and service programs, this may also lead to increased revenue. The core application organises and facilitates access to customer information. Its workflow and rules-definition tools allow business managers to reinforce and to automate successful sales and service protocols. Data analysis and reporting functionality supports improved decisions in areas like resource planning.  On top of those key benefits, CRM can also ease burdens on IT personnel by simplifying integration, development, and system administration.

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