ecommerceCreate a Storefront and Shopping Cart

The Infusionsoft storefront organises and displays your products for selling online. Easily integrate your existing storefront with Infusionsoft’s shopping cart or use the import wizard to transition your information from 1ShoppingCart. Infusionsoft’s online shopping cart can also process payments with your current merchant account or with PayPal.

ecommerceCreate Electronic Order Forms

An order form is a hosted landing page you can use to sell a product, like an event registration, and can be designed to match your website. Infusionsoft’s shopping cart handles the transaction and feeds contact and billing information into our system for additional follow-up.

ecommerceSell More with Discounts, Upsells and Trials

Infusionsoft allows you to offer discounts and upsells based on what you know about your customers and their buying behaviours. You can also offer a free trial to get customers in the door. After the trial expires, Infusionsoft can automatically start billing for the subscription.

ecommerceOffer Payment Plans

Encourage customers to purchase higher-priced products by splitting the price into payment plans. Infusionsoft gives you the flexibility to define the time period, number of installments and financing arrangement.

ecommerceTrigger Post-Purchase Follow-Up

Infusionsoft can trigger post-purchase actions, such as applying tags for segmentation, sending a thank you email, starting a customer welcome campaign, launching an upsell campaign and so much more. This will help you develop strong customer relationships and stimulate repeat sales.

ecommerceInvoice and Collect Electronically

Infusionsoft ties into a variety of merchant gateways, allowing you to charge credit cards and automate the billing for payment plans and recurring subscriptions. You can automate collections by creating campaigns that automatically inform customers of things like overdue balances or failed charge.

ecommerceManage Product Inventory and Fulfillment

Infusionsoft’s inventory tracking feature will alert you when product quantities reach a specified threshold. It can also help with order fulfillment by notifying the appropriate contact and providing the necessary shipping details. With digital products, Infusionsoft can automatically send a download link and enforce download limitations.

ecommerceGrow through Affiliate Programs

Infusionsoft’s affiliate tools help you manage partners who promote your products or services. Infusionsoft’s flexible tools allow you to create customer partnership programs that fit your needs. Share marketing resources and reports through our partner portal, and track referrals, commissions and payments with ease.

ecommerceMonitor income totals and evaluate profit margins

You will have a comprehensive list of 23 reports available for you to monitor a wide range of information.  This can include, but not limited to: subscription revenue, daily/monthly sales totals, leadsource income, one-time purchases, net income and cash forecast.


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