marketing-mix-300x300Visual Campaign 

Map out your entire marketing plan in minutes from start to finish with an intuitive, visual interface. Behind the scenes, Infusionsoft will connect everything together to create a comprehensive campaign that converts leads into buyers.

marketing-mix-300x300Know the who, when and why of your website

Use web analytics to monitor how many unique visitors are coming to your website, landing pages and online store and track how many convert into buyers. Use this insight to see what’s working.


marketing-mix-300x300ROI Reports

Easily and accurately measure your return on investment to ensure you’re making the most of every marketing dollar. Measure conversion rates and cost per visitor, lead and sale.

marketing-mix-300x300Think global. Act social.

Share the landing pages and emails you create with the world on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Infusionsoft’s social media tools expand your reach and track performance with embedded unique tracking links.

marketing-mix-300x30099% Delivery Rate

Send emails with confidence knowing that Infusionsoft’s industry-leading 99% email delivery rate will get your messages to the inbox.


marketing-mix-300x300Spam Scoring

Find and remove potential red flags in your email content with built-in spam scoring from SpamAssassin.


marketing-mix-300x300Drag & Drop Designer

Always look your best with attractive emails designed in Infusionsoft’s drag-and-drop builder. Add text, images, videos and social sharing snippets to craft an email that looks great and gets results.


marketing-mix-300x300Workflow Automation

Save time by automating day-to-day activities with Infusionsoft’s powerful automation tools.  You are able to streamline internal processes, such as segmenting leads, scheduling tasks and shipping products.


marketing-mix-300x300Automated Follow-Up

Create smart triggers that send leads through your campaign based on behaviors (like clicking a link), and Infusionsoft responds by delivering a series of targeted messages at the right time.


marketing-mix-300x300Precise Timers

Control your message delivery by using the smart timers based on a fixed date, a set interval or a contact-specific date, such as a birthday. Schedule an email to arrive within a 15-minute window for ultimate control.


marketing-mix-300x300Post-Purchase Follow-Up

Show customers your appreciation with a post-purchase thank you card. Automatically kick off a campaign to wow customers, increase repeat sales and generate referrals.

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