marketingMarketing your products and/or services to your audience can be made easier with the help of Marketing Automation. It should work together with the CRM and E-Commerce components to create an holistic marketing strategy which provides your contacts enough information depending on their relationship with your business. It also automates the transition from generating leads, to follow-up activities when contact behaviors send a signal that a specific marketing goal has been met.

Marketing automation is an integral component of customer relationship management (CRM). It involves the use of software to automate marketing processes such as customer segmentation, Customer Data Integration (CDI), and Campaign Management. It brings together content assets such as landing pages, emails, web events, etc. and delivers them to prospects at a time when it is most relevant to them in their buying cycle.  It combines strategy and technology to help companies identify, manage & qualify sales prospects. It ensures that sales personnel are continuously focused on closeable, quality leads resulting in increased revenue and sales efficiency.



internet-marketingLead Scoring

Automatically score leads by analyzing their activity on your website, thus giving objective data in a subjective sales process. Leads can be segmented, faced with a nurturing campaign and when they start to respond, scores will be adjusted and assigned to sales rep for follow ups.

internet-marketingMulti-Channel Visibility

Marketing Automation tools provide marketing and sales teams the ability to track a consumer’s online interactions with their brand through a broad range of channels.

internet-marketingMaintain and Strengthen the Relationship

As the market and the way people interact changes, your marketing communication must adopt as well. Marketing Automation is a way to set up a framework for your most important touch points in order to deliver the right content at critical stages of the buying process.

internet-marketingAutomated Lead Nurturing

Marketing Automation solutions enable you to put your “not ready to buy” leads into nurturing tracks. This allows you to ensure that your marketing efforts follow up on them via automated, timed, one-to-one advertising such as e-mail.

internet-marketingMicro-Level Web Analytics

Advanced web analytics will allow you to view a log of all touch points with your prospect. See the pages your prospect has visited, the files he’s downloaded, your email correspondence, and more. With this information, you can nurture leads much more efficiently and help your sales team close more deals. 

internet-marketingVisitor ID and Anonymous Visitor Tracking

2% of website visitors become real prospects, so track the other 98% of anonymous visitors, and get a daily digest of all anonymous activity occurring on your website.



Enhanced Targeting

With Marketing Automation software, marketing teams have the tools they need to launch initiatives based on the specific needs and wants of a target audience, so the content is more personalised and relevant.


Alignment between Sales and marketing

The relationship between the two teams is strengthened by an increased clarity of what defines a quality lead. This is an excellent opportunity for the leaders in both the sales and marketing teams to sit down together and truly define what exactly constitutes being a quality lead.

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