moneyCapture Leads with Web Forms

Infusionsoft’s Drag & Drop Web Form Builder allows you to design and publish attractive forms in minutes. Post the form code on your website or use our hosting feature to publish your form instantly. You can even easily make changes after it’s live with real-time updating.

moneyQualify and Distribute Leads

Infusionsoft helps you identify the right time to connect with hot leads, thus increasing sales. Place intelligent motion sensors in your marketing strategy, such as web forms, emails and online shopping carts, which can automatically assign leads and schedule follow-up tasks, ensuring no business opportunity will slip through the cracks.

ciclo_ventas_enFaster Lead Generation

A good CRM helps immensely with lead generation. Infusionsoft’s CRM integrates with website and social media campaigns, sending leads from these sources directly to the appropriate salesperson. This will allow your sales team to spend less time cold-calling and more time working with “warm” leads.

ciclo_ventas_enKnow when to strike with lead scoring

Locate the hottest leads in your list with the Infusionsoft scoring tool. Monitor and rank contacts based on their interests and engagement so you can focus more time on leads that are ready to become customers.


ciclo_ventas_enOpportunity Management

Boost sales and get organised with easy but powerful small business CRM tools to effectively manage opportunities, track the status of deals, create quotes, process payments and more.

ciclo_ventas_enAutomate Sales Tasks

Infusionsoft’s automating tool for common sales tasks allows you to increase efficiency and keep your team focused on selling. Your team can create bundles of tasks that can be triggered at the click of a button. Plus, they can easily send messages targeted to a prospect’s level of interest and engagement.


Simplify Sales Activities

Infusionsoft’s Interactive List View and Inline Editing features make it easy to view and update contact information and quickly navigate through a list of leads. Trigger follow-up actions with a single click, such as adding a note, scheduling an appointment, sending an email and starting a campaign.

ciclo_ventas_enPipeline Management and Reporting

Predict future sales with pipeline reports that show how deals are progressing through the sales funnel. Allow managers and salespeople alike to see a big picture of their pipeline from the Infusionsoft dashboard and drill down into the list to see the details.

Power tools for selling on the web

Connect with online buyers through a professional storefront that showcases your range of products and subscriptions. Boost sales with targeted offers based on what you know about shoppers.



Calendar and Task Management

Stay organised with calendaring and task management tools. Automatically create appointments and reminders for sales calls, assign tasks and track due dates.

ciclo_ventas_enView Sales and Conversion Reports

Infusionsoft provides numerous sales reports to analyze conversion rates, find bottlenecks in the sales process, track progress against sales goals, measure performance and more. Post reports that you reference the most on your Report Dashboard for an easy at-a-glance view.

Take care of your partners and they’ll take care of you

Get serious about your customer referral program with tools from Infusionsoft that track referrals, calculate partner commissions, manage marketing resources and make you more money.

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